*** OVER 18 ONLY ***

All my custard flavours have no sweetener to disguise any bitterness of any kind. All natural USA and UK sourced ingredients hand crafted by myself. All custard flavours can be mixed to 70/30, 85/15 or Max VG.


We will start with my famous Vanilla Custard  

Sample Pack

5 10ml bottles of your choice. Please choose and add 5 flavors to the text box, no more no less. If you want the sample pack deal and If you would like a different nicotine or PG/VG, type that next to your flavor in the text box... Welcome to the team!!

Vanilla Custard

My vanilla custard will leave you wanting more, with just the correct amount of vanilla accompanied with the rich creamy taste of the custard is what makes this juice one of the best sellers.

Strawberry Custard!

Is a fine blend of the sweet taste of wild strawberries and the creamiest of custards, which makes this a juice for them hot summer days.

Blueberry Custard!    

If your a fruit lover then your in for a treat! this blueberry custard is made with 2 of the sweetest blueberries we can find, combined with vanilla custard that we all love. That makes this a satisfying vape for anyone.

Double Custard!

Our creamy custard just got better! we have added a extra shot of cream making this custard the creamiest custard on the market and creamy it is.

Donut Custard!

For all you donut lovers, this might be the juice for you. Glazed Donut drizzled with custard makes this juice sweet sweet sweet.

Starwberry Donut Custard!

If you love our Donut and our Strawberry Custards your going to freak out!! Now this just isn't your normal Strawberry and Donut Custard flavors mixed into one bottle, this recipe has been calculated and perfected for that all day vape for our loyal Royal Family.

Raspberry Custard!

Now introducing that Sweet Sweet creamy juice with a fresh raspberry taste that will leave a light tart punch on the exhale, a profile that berry lovers should jump on.

Banana Custard!

Royal Vapes decided it was about time we mixed our famous custard with the nicest banana flavouring we could possibly find. Yes, you heard correctly. We've only gone and come up with Banana Custard.

Custard Loops!

Royal Vapes has done once again! We have put our own spin on the oh-so-famous Loops. But guess what? We've only gone and added a dash of our famous custard in the mix. Yeah, we did again.

Raspberry Donut!

Introducing the most requested flavour to this date. Yes, I've now added a dash of the best Raspberry known to man to our ever so famous Custard.